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Ceropegia woodii - String of Hearts

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Whether you call it "String of Hearts," "Rosary Vine" or "Sweetheart Vine," there's a lot to love about Ceropegia woodii, a flowering plant from South Africa that makes a fantastic houseplant. Its plump leaves are shaped just like little hearts, deep green in color lined with bright light blue. The new grown and stems are often tinged pink. The leaves appear on long cascading vines that hang straight down, creating an effect almost like a beaded curtain of heart-shaped leaves. String of Hearts often flowers when kept as an indoor plant - its pale magenta flowers have deep purple centers, which provide a lovely pop of color. 

Ceropegia woodii 'String of Hearts' is perfect for a sunny spot in your home - it is happiest with a bit of direct sun, but bright indirect light will do. A semi-succulent, this plant is drought tolerant and simple to care for. In time, its vines can grow quite long - 4 feet or more. Hanging near a window and enjoy this sweetheart among indoor plants.

Ships in a 6" plastic nursery pot with clip-on hanger. Leaves measure .5" long. Each specimen has multiple vining stems, approximately 1-2 feet in length. Natural variation in size, color and appearance may occur.

*Limited quantity available. Hand thrown ceramic planter and Fabric Plant Hanger sold separately.


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