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Maranta leuconeura 'Marisela'

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Maranta leuconeura 'Marisela' has striking oval leaves, dark green with a herringbone-like pattern of light yellow veining. Like most members of the Marantaceae family, the plant has a unique habit of folding its leaves upwards at night, which is why it's also known as the Marisela Prayer Plant. The plant has a trailing habit, and will eventually cascade over the sides of its pot, growing to about 12-18". As it matures, tiny lavender flowers appear on slender flower stalks, typically in summer. 

The Marisela Prayer Plant is low maintenance and great for beginners. Place in medium to bright indirect light and water when the top 1-2" of soil feel dry. Mist regularly.

Ships in a 4" plastic nursery pot. Leaves measure 3-4" long and 2-3" wide. Each specimen has multiple clumps. Some natural variation in size and appearance may occur.

Angle Planter sold separately. Includes detailed care instructions.


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