Quartz Crystal Point

$ 14.00

Quartz crystal is often called the universal stone, as it corresponds to all of the zodiac symbols. It is a pure and powerful energy source, as it receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. Quartz crystal is said to stimulate brain functions and activate all levels of consciousness. Whether for decorative use in a terrarium, a meditation aid, or for healing purposes, these clear Quartz crystal points are a beautiful way to enliven the spirit and bring harmony to the soul. Available in two sizes

Small: Longest side measures approx. 2.5"-3"
Large: Longest side measures approx. 3.5"-4"

Please note: the photos are intended to show the variety in the shape, size and colors of quartz crystal points. Each naturally occurring piece is entirely unique and variation is to be expected. This listing is for one quartz crystal point.

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