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Plant Mounting Bracket

$ 22.00

This custom fabricated, stainless steel Plant Mounting Bracket is by far the simplest way to mount houseplants, from staghorn ferns to jungle cacti and beyond. Particularly well-suited to epiphytes -- plants that grow from the limbs of trees in their native habitats -- the bracket is sized to perfectly fit most 4" plants, allowing you to easily mount them in minutes. 

To use, simply wrap the root-ball of your chosen plant in sphagnum moss and place it in the center of the bracket. Then, bend each arm of the bracket inward to hold the plant in place. Once the plant is situated, use the included screws to attach your new mount to a board of your choosing, or simply hang directly on the wall.

Since the Plant Mounting Bracket creates a self-contained mount, watering is simple -- just unhook the mount from where it's hanging, and soak in the sink. 

Plant, moss and board sold separately.


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