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Settlewell Concrete Pot - Two Tone Flip

$ 27.00 $ 34.00

Handcrafted in Long Beach, CA, Settlewell pots are made using a unique casting process and custom molds. Each piece is poured individually from hand-mixed pigments, creating pieces that have the strength of concrete with the delicate form of classic homeware.

These pieces pair the shape of the classic terracotta planter with a two-toned marble-like ombre fade with a matte finish. Dark blue-grey on the bottom, and light grey on top, the patterning on each piece is entirely unique. Each piece is sealed with an environmentally safe concrete sealer, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Small: 4.5"W x 4"H.
Large: 6"W x 5"H

This pot does not have a drainage hole. Hoya pubicalyx sold separately.


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