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Settlewell Concrete Pot - Two Tone

$ 24.00 $ 34.00

Handcrafted in Long Beach, CA, Settlewell pots are made using a unique casting process and custom molds. Each piece is poured individually from hand-mixed pigments, creating pieces that have the strength of concrete with the delicate form of classic homeware.

These pieces pair the shape of the classic terracotta planter with a two-toned marble-like ombre fade with a matte finish. Light grey on the bottom and dark blue-grey on top, the patterning on each piece is entirely unique. Each piece is sealed with an environmentally safe concrete sealer, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Small: 4"H x 4.5"W (at top) 
Large: 5"H x 6"W (at top)

This pot does not have a drainage hole. Anthurium 'Rainbow Champion' sold separately.


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