Monstruosus Cone

$ 160.00

The Monstruosus Cone planter stretches upwards from a tight base to a broad opening, creating a beautifully tapered conical planter that occupies less floor space than a traditional cylinder. Handcrafted from earthenware ceramic here in Oregon, these planters are created using a slip-cast mold, meticulously sponged and sculpted before firing to create a perfectly smooth surface. Fired at just under 2,000 degrees, Monstruosus planters are finished with a matte enamel glaze in your choice of white or black.

The Monstruosus Cone is graceful, minimal and modern, complementing a wide array of indoor plants, from tropicals to trees. This planter does not have a drainage hole.


Small: 10"H x 12"W (at opening)
Medium: 11.5"H x 14"W (at opening)
Large: 13"H x 16"W (at opening)


Monstruosus pots ship directly from the manufacturer within 2 weeks of order placement. Free shipping!

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