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Custom Plant - Quick Listing

$ 18.00

Welcome to our custom plant quick listing, where we post short runs and small quantities of hard to find houseplants available for shipping. As these are rare, home-grown plants, expect plenty of variation from pot to pot. Choose your desired species from the dropdown, above.

Currently Available:

- 4” Sansevieria ehrenbergii ‘Samurai Dwarf’: Alternating leaf pairs fan out to create this Sansevieria cultivar’s appealing structural habit. Just as simple to care for as its relative Snake Plants, it tolerates very low light and requires infrequent watering. Though this plant is quite slow growing, as it matures it creates ‘pups’ rhizomatously, surrounding the central plant. Leaf length 2-3”, overall height 4” | $18

- 4” Hoya shepherdii ‘String Bean Hoya’: With its elongated, dark green leaves that look just like runner beans, Hoya shepherdii often goes by its fitting nickname, String Bean Hoya. An ideal hanging plant, Hoya shepherdii grows long, pendulous vines, cascading down the sides of the pot from the weight of the thick, waxy foliage. As with other Hoya varieties, plenty of light and conservative watering keeps this semi-succulent tropical happy. Overall size 4-6" | $12


Items in our Specimen Plants collection require special pre-shipping preparation, and ship within 3-5 business days. You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships. Box warmer included at no additional charge as necessary during cold months.

International shipping unavailable due to customs restrictions. [More Info]


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