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Succulent Terrarium

$ 52.00

Our succulent terrarium allows you to create a tiny desert landscape right in your home. We select a trio of beautiful succulent plants that are contrasting in color and shape, easy to care for and perfect for terrariums. Planted inside a high-quality glass sphere, the terrarium is styled with an assortment of natural pebbles and sand, as well as dried moss and lichen. The elegant glass orb has a flattened bottom, which allows you to easily place it just about anywhere - perfect for a sunny windowsill, or as an accent piece on your coffee table. 

Includes detailed assembly and care instructions. This terrarium comes as a kit. 

  • 6" Glass sphere
  • Activated charcoal (to prevent root rot)
  • Succulent soil mix
  • 3 Succulent plants
  • Assorted sand and pebbles
  • Assorted dried moss and lichen

The accompanying photographs depict typical terrarium compositions - variation may occur. Feel free to add special requests to your order.


Items in our Plant Lab collection are made to order and require special pre-shipping preparation. They are ready to ship within 5-7 business days. You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships. Box warmer included at no additional charge as necessary.

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Terrarium Care Instructions


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