Monstera "Swiss Cheese Vine"

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Current 4" stock is the small-leaf swiss cheese vine, as shown in the first product photo (photo shows 6" pot size). 

Monstera “Swiss Cheese Vine” is an easy-to-grow houseplant with show-stopper foliage. Each leaf is full of natural oval-shaped holes called fenestration that earn the plant its nickname. Botanists believe that the holes in its leaves help the plant to stand up to high winds and allow light to pass through to lower parts of the plant in its natural environment. Swiss Cheese Vine loves to climb, and when provided a stake or trellis, will reward you with larger leaves. Alternately, this vine makes a lovely hanging plant as without support, the vines will cascade down the sides of the pot.

Monstera “Swiss Cheese Vine” makes a perfect houseplant for both beginners and experts, since it's easy to care for and exotic in appearance. Place it where the plant will receive medium-bright indirect, shield from direct sun and water regularly. Mist regularly to promote climbing.

Ships in a plastic nursery pot and includes detailed care instructions. Marbled Clay Cachepot sold separately.

Variation and Species Information

Numerous Monstera species go by the common name “Swiss Cheese Vine,” and many have been renamed or reclassified in recent years. While current consensus points Monstera adansonii as the species identification of Swiss Cheese Vine, we've also seen this plant labeled Monstera obliqua, Monstera pittieri, Monstera friedrichsthalii and Monstera expilata. Since no two batches look exactly alike, we’ve opted to omit a latin name.

While a fair amount of variation exists from plant to plant, your specimen will have the classic fenestrated leaves. Check out the product photos for examples of leaf variety.


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