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Pelargonium - Scented Geranium

$ 10.00

SEASONAL PRODUCT | Typically available March - May

The Scented Geranium is a true harbinger of springtime -- a sign of longer days and warmer temperatures to come, and an invitation to get outside and explore the changing season. A classic container plant for the patio or sunny windowsill, these Pelargonium species are prized for their aromatic, vibrantly green foliage and delicate red, pink or white blossoms.  Lightly rubbing the foliage will release the plant's natural aroma, which -- depending on the species or cultivar -- evokes rose, citrus, pine and beyond.

Scented Geraniums grow prolifically in a bright sunny spot indoors or outdoors spring through fall, and allow to dry slightly between watering. Plants typically develop their delicate flowers in early summer, continue to bloom throughout the growing season when regularly pinched back. To overwinter, be sure to bring your plant indoors at the onset of fall's cool temperatures. 

We'll choose from our diverse assortment of Pelargoniums, with plenty of variation in leaf shape, blossom color and size. Feel free to specify a preferred scent and we'll do our best to accommodate. Ships in a 4" plastic nursery pot. Overall height/width of plant is about 4-5".

Terracotta Cachepot sold separately. Includes detailed care instructions.


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