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Spring Cactus

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SEASONAL PRODUCT | Typically available April-May

The Spring Cactus is beloved for its bountiful blossoms that appear each year just as winter turns to spring. Growing epiphytically on the branches of trees in the jungles of southern Brazil, it's tolerant of less light and more moisture than most cacti, making the Spring Cactus an excellent indoor plant. Though it is similar in appearance to its relative the Christmas Cactus, Spring Cacti (also called the Easter Cactus or Whitsun Cactus) is actually from an entirely different genus, the Hatiora. We love how their feathery flowers brighten up the space and bring a bit of springtime indoors.

Spring Cacti need medium to bright indirect light and good drainage. Allow soil to dry moderately before watering. Includes detailed care instructions.

Spring Cactus selections include Hatiora gaertneri and Hatiora rosea, and blossoms range from red to pink. Ships in a 4" plastic nursery pot. Each plant has multiple clumps, about 3-5" long. The plants are budded and ready to bloom. Terracotta Olla Pot sold separately.


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