Twinkle Orchid in Tree Fern

$ 45.00

SEASONAL PRODUCT | Typically available November-December

Oncidium 'Twinkle' is an obscure, sweetly fragrant miniature orchid that most anyone can grow. When in bloom, Twinkle Orchids produce a constellation of tiny star-shaped flowers that emit the scent of sweet vanilla. The dense clusters of flowers range in color from white to yellow and peach, contrasting nicely against the plant's bright green, paddle-like foliage. We've potted our Twinkle Orchids with spaghnum moss in hollowed out tree fern trunks, a porous container that makes an ideal growing environment for an orchid. Coming into bloom reliably each year as fall turns to winter, our Twinkle Orchid in Tree Fern adds a much needed sparkle to the home, perfectly timed for the holidays.

Keep your Oncidium where it will get medium to bright indirect light; shield from direct sun. When moss around the base of the plant feels dry, run water through the pot until the moss is fully saturated. Includes detailed care instructions.

Photos depict fully bloomed plants. Your plant will ship with 2-3 budded flower spikes. Expect unopened buds to flower a few weeks after arrival. Tree fern pots are a natural product, measuring approx 4-5" wide and tall; some variation in size is to be expected. 


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