Love In A Bottle - Marimo Moss Set

$ 38.00

Because true love is an experiment, we combine a pair of Marimo moss balls - symbols of love in Japanese Folklore - with an amethyst crystal point - the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love - and drop it all into a boiler flask. The result is Love in a Bottle, an easy-to-care-for and deeply symbolic little aquascape to show your special someone you care and send out sweet Valentine's Day vibes. 

This product comes as a kit with detailed care and assembly instructions. Includes 250ml glass boiler flask, 2 Marimo moss balls, white sand and an amethyst crystal point. Additional moss balls sold separately.

Did you know it's normal for young marimo not to be perfectly round? Be sure to agitate the water regularly to turn your marimo and promote spherical growth.


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Marimo Moss Ball Care Instructions

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