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Mounted Staghorn Ferns - Pistils Nursery

Welcome to Pistils Nursery. 

Our small line of handmade products‚ÄĒalongside our careful¬†selection¬†of goods for home, garden and lifestyle‚ÄĒwas¬†designed for people seeking simple, beautiful ways to bring a bit of the outside in.

Our plant collections have something green for everyone, from seasoned indoor gardeners to beginners alike. The Plant Lab is what we call our in-house design studio, showcasing our living works of art, each piece made to order by hand. In addition, we've chosen our favorite specimen houseplants and air plants from our nursery, and the selection is ever-growing.

Above all, we're passionate about plants -- about ways to connect with the natural world within the spaces we inhabit. The right plants bring warmth and color, while naturally purifying the air and improving your mood. When paired with our curated wares and your personal style, the house becomes a home - we call it #InteriorRewilding. 

Our brick-and-mortar store in Portland, Oregon was founded in 2001 as a haven for plant lovers, local makers and design enthusiasts. Now, the web shop allows visitors to wander through our mercantile, solarium and garden no matter where they call home. 

    We hope you enjoy your visit.

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