Alocasia Cuprea Plantlet

$ 12.00

Alocasia cuprea is prized for its iridescent, copper-hued foliage. Its peltate, green-purple leaves are striped with bands of bright metallic copper, and the backside of the leaves are a rich purple. A. cuprea is one of the "Jewel Alocasias," highly sought after by rare plant collectors. The leaves become even more dramatically striped with age, with the mature leaves measuring 12" or longer.

A slow grower, Alocasia cuprea makes a fantastic houseplant and is slightly easier to care for than other Alocasias. Indoors, it prefers bright indirect, indirect light and well-draining soil. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Our Alocasia cuprea plantlets are fully rooted and bound in moss for easy travel. Each plantlet has approximately 3-4 leaves measuring 3-4". Re-pot in your favorite container, and enjoy watching the leaves develop to their mature size. See images of the mature plant, here.

*Limited quantity available.


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