Alocasia 'Fairy' Plantlet

$ 12.00

The Alocasia 'Fairy' is simply irresistible. This miniature Alocasia has striking dark green, arrow-shaped leaves, lined with bright white veins. Both the leaf undersides and the stems upon which they grow are tinged with a flush of dark purple, giving the plant an exotic, tropical feel. But the plant's diminutive size is what makes it so precious - growing to a mature height of only 6-8" tall, the Alocasia 'Fairy' is perfect for small spaces and even makes a great addition to a tropical terrarium. 

Our Alocasia 'Fairy' plantlets are fully rooted and bound in moss for easy travel. Each plantlet has approximately 3-6 leaves measuring 1-2". Re-pot in your favorite container, and enjoy watching the leaves develop to their mature size (only slightly larger than pictured). Prefers medium-bright indirect light and regular watering.

*Limited quantity available.


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