Anthurium Veitchii Plantlet

$ 12.00

Anthurium veitchii is also called "King Anthurium," and for good reason - its elongated, ruffled leaves grow to mammoth proportions. On the mature plant, each heart-shaped leaf can reach 3' or more in length! New leaves emerge a lustrous copper color and eventually darken to shiny dark green with bright veins, textured from top to bottom. Native to the South American rainforests of Colombia, the Anthurium veitchii is epiphytic, meaning that in its native habitat it grows from tree branches rather than terrestrially in the soil.

As a rainforest plant, Anthurium veitchii prefers high humidity and bright indirect light when grown indoors as a houseplant. With regular watering, the King Anthurium makes an easy to care for, exotic addition to your indoor plant collection.

Our Anthurium veitchii plantlets are fully rooted and bound in moss for easy travel. Each plantlet has approximately 3-4 leaves measuring 2-3", and is 4-6" tall. Re-pot in your favorite container, and enjoy watching the leaves develop to their mature size. The mature plant can reach 2-3' tall - maturing leaves shown in final photo.

*Limited quantity available. Marbled Clay Cachepot sold separately. 


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Plantlet Care Instructions