Bromeliad Mount

$ 48.00

To create these colorful tabletop pieces, we mount young Bromeliad plants onto unique pieces of tumbled grapewood using bright green sphagnum moss. As epiphytic plants, Bromeliads often grow perched on tree branches in the tropics. Whether used as a centerpiece on your table, an accent piece in the living room, or simply set on windowsill, these colorful and dynamic mounts were designed to help you bring a little bit of the jungle into your home.

Bromeliads are simple to care for and long-lived plants, great for beginners. Tolerant of low-bright indirect light, they adapt well to most indoor locations. Simply keep the central "cup" of the plant filled with filtered water and mist the moss periodically to promote high humidity. 

Grapewood longest dimension measures 6-8". Each mount contains a cluster of bromeliads measuring 3-5". The accompanying photos depict the natural variation in plant cultivar, size and color, as well as branch shape. Feel free to add special requests to your order.


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