Calathea Lancifolia Plantlet

$ 12.00

It's all about foliage patterns with Calathea, and this particular species, Calathea lancifolia, does not disappoint. Named for its elongated lance-shaped leaves, the lancifolia's ruffled foliage is peppered with alternating dark green ovals that contrast against the bright green leaf.  The leaf undersides are a rich purple color, and the plant's clumping, upright growth habit allow you to view both green and purple once, creating a lush tropical feel. 

Sometimes referred to by its nickname, "Rattlesnake Plant," Calathea lancifolia makes a superb ornamental houseplant, easy to grow in medium to bright indirect light. The mature plant grows to about 2.5' tall.

Our Calathea lancifolia Plantlets are fully rooted and bound in moss for easy travel. Each plantlet has approximately 3-5 leaves measuring 2-3". Re-pot in your favorite container, and enjoy watching the leaves develop to their mature size, shown in second photo.

*Limited quantity available. Mature plants available in 6"


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