Case Study Desk Top Planter

$ 94.00

The Case Study Desk Top Planter is inspired by the very best of mid-century modern design. Available in white or black, the smooth stoneware cylinder fits perfectly in the matching Brazilian walnut plant stand. When paired with your favorite houseplant, this set makes an elegant accent piece, just the right size for your study desk, coffee table or dresser. The pot, made of high fire stoneware ceramic, is of the highest quality, and both pot and stand may be used inside or outdoors, according to your aesthetic. Handcrafted in Los Angeles.

  • Overall Dimensions: 4 ¾” H X 7 ¼” W
  • Pot: 2 ¾” H X 6” Dia.
  • Stand: 4 ¼” H X 7 ¼” W
  • Floor to Bottom of Stand: 1” H

Anthurium clarinervium plantlet (shown in white pot) and Heart Fern (shown in black pot) sold separately.