Hardwood Incense

$ 8.00

Bring the aroma of the forest into your home with Paine's Hardwood Incense. Made by a family-owned business in Maine, these incenses are made from sustainably harvested hardwood trimmings, and include a wooden incense burner stand

Red Cedar - Made from red cedar tree trimmings, an aromatic reminder of the natural, rich scent of a cedar forest. 32 cones w/ burner.

Piñon Pine - Sweet and aromatic, pi–on pine aroma easily creates a forest atmosphere for those longing for the all-natural scent of a mountain campground. 32 cones w/ burner.

Balsam Fir - The rich, fragrant tips of the balsam fir tree make this endearing incense a Northwest classic. Creates a warm, woodsy atmosphere reminiscent of the holidays. 24 sticks w/ burner.