Hatiora Salicornioides - Drunkard's Dream

$ 32.00

Hatiora salicornioides looks like something from an underwater dreamscape. Composed of many tube-like branches that grow from upright, woody stems, Hatiora salicornioides is often called by its common names -- "Dancing Bones" and "Drunkard's Dream" cactus -- because of its contorted growth habit and bottle-shaped segments. Each stem can grow to be quite long, and eventually the Hatiora will gently cascade over the edges of its pot. When the cactus blossoms, tiny bright yellow flowers develop into small pink berries. 

A jungle cactus, Hatiora salicornioides is epiphytic, meaning that it grows in the crooks of trees in its native forest habitat. This means that it requires little soil to survive, and is tolerant of lower light and more moisture than most cacti. As such, it's an exceptionally easy houseplant to care for, perfect for houseplant beginners and experts alike. 

Ships in a 6" plastic nursery pot. Each specimen has multiple stems, approximately 6-8" in length. Natural variation in size and appearance does occur.

*Limited quantity available. Hand Thrown Ceramic Planter sold separately.


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