Hemionitis Arifolia - Heart Fern

$ 14.00

This delicate fern is beloved by houseplant collectors for its perfectly heart-shaped leaves. Deep green and shiny, the 2-4" leaves grow on short fuzzy stems. The dwarf growth habit of the Heart Fern makes it a perfect choice for small spaces. What's more, since the it loves water, this fern is ideal for containers with or without drainage, and can happily be planted in an enclosed terrarium. 

The Hemionitus arifolia thrives in medium to bright indirect light, and needs to stay moist at all times. Unlike many houseplants which don't like to stay wet, this sweet fern is perfect for that indoor gardener who wants to "over-love" their plants. 

Ships in a 4" plastic nursery pot. Each specimen has multiple stems, approximately 3-5" in length. Natural variation in size and appearance does occur.

*Limited quantity available. Case Study Desk Top Planter sold separately. Includes detailed care instructions.


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