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Marimo Moss Ball

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Marimo moss balls are incredibly fascinating aquatic plants, known in folklore as charms of good luck everlasting love. We adore their deep green color and spherical shape, which they get by tumbling gently in the currents of the lakes in which they grow naturally. Marimo, otherwise known as Aegagropila linnaei, are simple to care for and require only periodic water changes and medium indirect light to thrive. Whether you're adding marimo to your freshwater aquarium, or creating a unique aquascape, Marimo moss balls make a charming, decorative addition to any glass vessel. 

The Myth of the Marimo

In Japanese folklore, legend tells of two lovers, who desired nothing more than to be together. When their love was forbidden, the pair fell into the water of Lake Akon and their hearts became Marimo Balls. Marimo are said to bring your heart’s desire to both the giver and receiver.

Small (new!): about .75-1" 
Large: about 1.5-2"

Includes detailed care instructions, as well as printed copy of the above myth. Ships in a moist plastic bag - submerge in water upon arrival. Be sure to turn your marimo regularly to promote spherical growth.


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