Luck in a Bottle - Marimo Moss Set

$ 28.00

Marimo Moss Balls never fail to fascinate those seeing them for the first time. Much folklore surround these mystical little aquatics, which proffer good luck and everlasting love, which is why we call our Marimo moss ball aquarium "Luck in a Bottle."

These aquatic plants grow at a snail's pace of only five millimeters per year year, making them an ideal addition to any tabletop, shelf, office desk or windowsill. Our Marimo moss ball aquarium features a modern glass vessel with crushed rock, selected to showcase the moss balls in a natural, refined environment. Marimo are very easy to care for and require little maintenance, making them a simple and beautiful way to bring a bit of nature into your space.

Marimo moss balls are found in a small number of fresh water lakes in Japan, Scotland, Iceland and Estonia.  Said to live for 100 years, "Luck in a Bottle" makes an ideal living family heirloom.

Glass measures: approx 4" x 2.5" x 1.25"

This product comes as a kit with detailed care and assembly instructions. Additional marimo moss balls sold separately.


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As seen in Sunset Magazine.

Marimo Moss Ball Care Instructions