Caput Medusae Air Plant

$ 8.00

The Caput Medusae air plant is named after the mythological character Medusa, because of its curly, tendril-like stems. The Medusae is one of our most dramatic and exotic air plant specimens. With its unique shape and shiny bright green foliage with pink tips, it looks almost like a living sculpture. When the plant reaches maturity, it can even produce a shoot of bright red and pink flowers. Like all Tillandsia, this air plant is perfect for use in a terrarium, requiring only periodic misting and soaking for care. Use as a standalone piece on a windowsill, shelf or centerpiece, or group one of each size together for a dynamic trio. 

Includes detailed care instructions.

Small: approx 3-5"
Medium: approx 5-7"
Large: approx 7-10"


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Please note, each air plant is different and variation does occur - sold individually.

Air Plant Care Instructions