Moon Bath Soak

$ 27.50

Handmade in small batches, Aquarian Soul’s Herbal, Floral Bath Soaks are infused with gemstones to imbue them with a healing aura of the sacred.

Full Moon Bath Soak: Intended to be used in the days leading up to and after the full moon, this gem-infused meditative soak cleanses mind and body. Scented with pure and natural botanicals, such as hibiscus, lavender and rose, this soak is soothing to the skin and refreshingly aromatic.

New Moon Bath Soak: Great for setting intentions around the time of the new moon, this gem-infused relaxing soak contains botanicals designed to fortify and sooth. The scent is light and pure, from lemon balm, calendula and chamomile.

8 oz glass jar