Palo Santo Burner

$ 46.00

This ceramic Palo Santo Burner, handmade by Brooklyn-based product designer Michiko Shimada, is as functional as it is beautiful. The palo santo stick sits on a platform, one side slightly elevated by a pedestal that ensures the air circulation necessary to a good burn. The base is constructed from three ceramic triangles, lending the piece an attractive geometry. The simple matte clay, available in two colors, is accented by contrasting glazes, making these burners eye-catching additions to a tabletop, windowsill or desk. 

Available in two colors:
- Sand with dark (primary) and white crackle (secondary) accents
- Coffee with white crackle (primary) and dark (secondary) accents

Measures approx. 5.5"W x 2"D x 1.75"H. Palo Santo sold separately.

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