Paperwhite Forcing Kit

$ 14.00

Forcing paperwhite bulbs is a simple and elegant way to bring the colors and fragrance of springtime into your home during winter. When bulbs are forced, they're awakened from dormancy and prompted to produce a flower. Our kit makes this easy, providing an elegant antiqued brass bowl, natural pebbles and a paperwhite bulb which has been properly conditioned for forcing indoors. Simply place the bulb in the brass bowl atop a layer of pebbles. Add water, and Within a few days, roots and foliage will begin to grow - within a few weeks, the plant will produce sweet, fragrant clusters of white flowers.

Paperwhites, also known as Narcissus, are closely related to daffodils and prized for their beautiful, delicate flowers. We've selected one our favorite paperwhite cultivars, 'Ziva,' for its pure white flowers and quick bloom time. After forcing, keep bulb in a cool dry place, and re-use next year!

Bowl measures 3" wide by 1.25" tall.

*Includes instructions for bulb forcing. Please note: for best results, water your bulb with a solution of 4-6% alcohol, This stunts foliage height, keeping bulb more stable in its dish.


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