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Platycerium sp - Staghorn Fern

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Platycerium species are nicknamed Staghorn Ferns (or Elkhorn Ferns) for good reason – their elongated, forked fronds look just like antlers. As it matures, your staghorn fern will also grow shield fronds - round, plate-like leaves that eventually dry to form a protective layer around the roots of the plant. Staghorn ferns are epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants or trees), making them a popular choice for mounting. Whether you decide to mount your staghorn fern or grow it terrestrially in a pot, Platycerium species makes an excellent houseplants that thrive in small spaces.

Staghorn ferns need bright, indirect light and good drainage. Mist the fern regularly to promote a humid environment. Includes detailed care instructions.

- 4" pot - 3-5 antler fronds, measuring about 3-6"
- 6" pot - 5-8 antler fronds, measuring about 6-10"

Ships in a plastic nursery pot. We choose from our assortment of Staghorn Fern species and cultivars, including Platycerium bifucatum, Platycerium veitchii and Platycerium 'Netherlands'.  Planters sold separately.


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