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Raphidophora tetrasperma

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Raphidophora tetrasperma is a fast growing vining plant, sought after for its unique fenestrated leaves. Sometimes called “Dwarf Monstera” or “Monstera Ginny” due to is resemblance to Monstera deliciosa, the leaves of Raphidophora tetrasperma are similarly split with “windows,” but stay quite small. This plant is easy to care for, and loves to climb up a moss pole. It's easy to propagate from stem tip cuttings, and thrives in bright indirect light.

Home Grown Goodness:  We have a limited number of this hard to find aroid available in 4” and 6" nursery pots, grown especially for us as starter plants by a hobby grower. Overall size about 6-8" (4" pots ) or 8-10" (6" pots). Please note, there is a lot of natural variation in leaf size, texture and quantity of splits in these special plants.


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