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Sansevieria masoniana - Whale Fin Snake Plant

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Sansevieria masoniana is nicknamed Whale Fin Snake Plant because of the unique shape of its unusually wide, paddle-like leaves. Though slow-growing, the Whale Fin Sansevieria reaches impressive size compared to other members of the genus. Its leaves are beautifully mottled with patterns of dark and light green, and the leaf margins are often a pink-ish red. Like all Snake Plants, Sansevieria masoniana is known for its air-purifying abilities, and is great for beginners, requiring very little maintenance.

Whale Fin Sansevieria can thrive in a wide range of light conditions, from low light to bright indirect. Water infrequently, only when the soil has completely dried out - depending on light, this may be as little as once a month or less.

Includes detailed care instructions. Ships in a plastic 6" nursery pot. Each pot has at least one main plant, with an overall height of 12-16". Some natural variation in size and appearance may occur. Marbled Clay Cachepot sold separately.


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