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Scindapsus pictus 'Exotica'

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Scindapsus pictus 'Exotica' is a vigorous vining plant whose light green foliage is speckled with silvery, reflective variegation. The heart-shaped leaves are velvety to the touch and quite matte in texture, which is perhaps why the plant is also known by the common names Philodendron Silver and Satin Pothos (though botanically it is neither Philodendron nor Pothos). This large-leafed cultivar of Scindapsus pictus shows more intense variegation than the standard type, covering anywhere from 60-90% of the leaf. Eventually, its vines grow quite long, making Scinapsus pictus a great choice for hanging planters.

Great for beginners, Scindapsus pictus 'Exotica' is tolerant of low-bright indirect light; protect from direct sun. Water when the top 1-2" of the soil feels dry. Be sure to shield your plant from temperatures under 55 degrees.

- 4" pot - several vining stems measuring 3-6"
- 6" pot - multiple vining stems measuring 6-10"

Includes detailed care instructions. Ships in a plastic nursery pot. Hand Thrown Ceramic Planter sold separately. Some natural variation in size and appearance may occur.


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