Vining Kokedama 'String Garden'

$ 36.00

The Vining String Garden is our take on the Japanese Kokedama - a traditional form of bonsai in which tropical plants are transformed into living sculptural art pieces. Kokedama, simply translated, means "moss ball." Each string garden can sit or hang, making these pieces lovely additions to any window or tabletop. Vining String Gardens are ideal for both dappled sun and low, diffused light. 

Available in two sizes: small (4" moss ball diameter) and large (6-8" moss ball diameter). Includes detailed care instructions.

Solo Image:
  • Philodendron
    Group Image:
    • Top left: Scindapsus Pictus
    • Top right: Sugar Vine
    • Bottom left: Muehlenbeckia
    • Bottom right: Hoya

    Solo Image w/ Dish:

    • Scindapsus Pictus


    Items from our Plant Lab are made to order and require special pre-shipping preparation - they are ready to ship within 1-2 weeks. Our standard shipping is USPS Priority, so expect delivery within 3 days after you've received your shipping confirmation email. Shipping warmer included at no additional charge during winter or as necessary. [More Info]

    Please note, natural variation in plant species, size and coloring may occur. Kokedama dish sold separately.

    Kokedama Care Instructions